Trex Composite Decking Is going to Save You On Repair Costs.

In case you're thinking about adding a deck to your house, check out Trex, the home owner's most reliable installation. Trex makes use of more actual wood in it's materials than their competitors, which makes it different and better. It is recyclable and not at all damaging to the environment. It doesn't need as much care as wood decking, even though Trex does contain wood.
After you really consider it, you'll realize that even though Trex appears expensive at first, it's actually a super value. With Trex you will avoid most of the extra costs related to the purchase of other decking materials. With wood materials, you will need to consider the possibility of rot and insect infestation, as well as having to paint or stain nearly every year. If you choose to use Trex instead of wood, you are likely to have no annual maintenance issues, and it will last for the rest of your life. You will recognize that Trex is the best price, after you add up all of the addition costs that will be necessary to keep your wood deck in good shape.
Plus that's not it - add in that Trex is slip-resistant, does not splinter or crack or swell, even when exposed to cold and wet weather. Yet it behaves just like wood when you work with it; you can saw it and fasten it in place the same as wood. Furthermore, Trex will not dull or fade from sunlight, no matter how scorching or direct it may be, due to its natural UV protection. Right in the beginning, you could detect a very slight fading process as the Trex material adapts to its surroundings, but this is minor, indeed.
The content of the decking is manufactured out of reclaimed wood, that can be fiber or sawdust, and recycled plastic. Every plank or tile's coloration runs all the way through; it's not just on the surface. If you need help putting in your Trex deck, you can buy a simple installation kit showing how to construct your new deck. Plus, you can get and download directions from Trex's own website, for no additional cost. Please note - you need to ensure you buy all of the Trex you are going to need right at the start, since the next load you purchase may not match colors exactly.
Trex stands out as the best national brand, and they have a successful track record of creating products that are durable and high quality. For your reassurance every one of Trex's products are fully guaranteed against bug ruin, rotting, splintering and warping. If you expect to stay in your house for an additional five years, Trex will pay for itself. Additionally, you won't have to paint it, which is usually a great thing. That alone should secure the sale for you.

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