Trex Decking has the Best Reputation when It Comes to Maintenance and Value.

If you are adding decking onto your house, you'll want to look into Trex decking, because of its proven track record with home owners. Trex brand building material uses more natural wood and has a well-known track record when it comes to durability and maintenance. It is friendly to the environment, and totally recyclable. Wooden decking requires a great deal more with respect to maintenance than does Trex.
If you initially see the prices of Trex decking, you may think it is rather expensive, but you'll change your mind once you think it through. The original charges are not the only cost of most products, but with Trex decking you need to look at additional features. For example, if you are using wood you'll have to worry about bugs and wood rot, and you'll have to stain or paint almost every year. If you decide to use Trex rather than wood, you are likely to have no annual maintenance issues, and it will last for the rest of your life. When you consider all the additional expense and work that goes with wood, you'll realize that Trex offers far and away the most beneficial value for your dollars.
You should be amazed with some of the other features, such as no cracking, no splinters, slip-resistant, no swelling when exposed to moisture, and minimal shrinking in cold weather. Yet it acts just like wood while you work with it; you can saw it and fasten it in place the same as wood. With Ultraviolet protection, the Trex decking will not fade, however hot the days become, or how much glare from the sun. Right at first, you might detect a very slight fading process as the Trex material adapts to its surroundings, but this is minor, indeed.
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Trex is made from sawdust, reclaimed wood, fiber and reprocessed plastic. Every single plank or tile's coloring flows all the way through; it's not just on the surface. If you'd like guidance putting in your Trex deck, you can buy a simple installation kit showing how to construct your new deck. Plus, you can obtain and download instructions from Trex's exclusive website, for no additional cost. You should buy as much Trex as you need initially, because the next shipment might not be exactly the same color.
Trex is the #1 manufacturer that you can buy, with nothing but top quality products and a proven track record. They give you a warrantee that their product won't receive damage from insects, nor will it splinter, warp, or rot, hopefully guaranteeing you peace of mind. Trex covers itself in under 5 years, assuming you intend to stay in your house that long. The nice thing about Trex might be that you never need to paint it. That, alone, should boost the value enough to encourage you to use it for all of your decks.

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